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Monday, April 03, 2006

Mikan Has UTI Again

I sensed something was amiss when Mikan sat beside me while I was cleaning their kitty litter this morning. He is usually very shy when it comes to going toilet, preferring to do it when no one is around. So when Mikan went into the bin when I was there, it was bad sign. As he squatted, I snatched a piece of tissue from the table top and placed it under his bum. My heart sank when he stood up and I saw the tissue stained with just 2 big drops of pink liquid. That meant he had blood in his urine, a sure sign of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

The last time Mikan had UTI, the poor boy had to spend a night at the vet's to get a proper urine sample and I remembered him straining his neck to watch me as I was leaving. Sigh.

Anyhow, the examination showed that the infection was not due to stones nor a blockage. The urinalysis showed normal pH, high levels of red blood cells (due to the blood) and white blood cells (sign of infection) and some bacteria. However, cultures for the types of bacteria that commonly cause urological infection showed up negative, which meant that all the tests had been unsuccessful in pin-pointing the exact cause of infection.

Fortunately, Mikan responded to the second round of anti-biotics prescribed and remained problem free for more than a year till now.

I have just contacted the vet's office and he is fully booked for today. I will have to walk-in and from previous experience, the wait is likely to be an hour the least. I must remember to bring extra towels for Mikan to change while waiting.

It is going to be tough for me to concentrate on work today.


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