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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Their dad commented that admist all the action and excitement that is happening at our place, I had to blog about boring things like vaccination and trapping.

Not boring things what. I just needed to keep track of the things I've done in December.

Truth be told, the things that have happened are starting to look rather foggy in my mind. Procrastination is my vice but all hail the mighty digicam! Dates, action, everything's in there! (It's embarassing to be gushing over digital cameras, I know I know). Anyhow, I've some interesting pictures in my new camera (Christmas present from their dad :D) of the cats moving in, their new room and them getting to know Patch.

I just need to, uhm, find time to upload to the computer first.



  • Ya.... pls start posting up the pixs which you took. I didnt get you that camera for nothing you know? There's so many interesting happenings eversince we moved in... Face Off between Patch and the Kitties, the kitties' new playground, the $500 sofa that didnt survive 2 months in the new place, the GREAT GETAWAY on CNY Day.... etc....

    Dont be lazy Mummy....

    By Anonymous Daddy, at 10:30 AM, February 11, 2008  

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