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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

We Grew Up Here

There are so much to remember about our old place.

Mom was the first thing we saw when we opened our eyes. We dropped our milk teeth here, got weaned off our incessant need of milk, learned to use the kitty litter, wrestled and chased each other like crazy one moment, hated it when the play was too rough the next but loved every minute of being together.

All of us made to our first month and to our first birthday, then the second, third and the fourth. It's really lucky because Princess and Shiro got so sick that we thought they would die. Mom almost killed Princess in another incident but that's another story for another day.

Food time is the best. But mom always has a headache when she decides to cook because Shishi only likes chicken, Cutie only likes fish and Mikan is the only one who would eat pork. One thing that all of us like unanimously though, is Mikan's prescribed food, something our dad grumbles because we finish it so fast and it is extra trouble to get.

We love it when mom plays with us but it happens so rarely. Mom says she is busy but we think she is lazy.

QQ thinks she is queen because she hangs out with mom all the time. No wayyy. Mom calls all of us her number one, she loves us all the same.

Mom talks about moving, she said that we will have to stay in our own room when she is out working but we will be let out once she is home. Sounds like a cool idea. We are not too sure about the dog though.

Will we love our new home? Will we get along with Patch?

Stay tuned.


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