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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


After spending 2 years with an Australian lady, dear Oreo was returned to us in 2004 when his owner had to return home. When he first came back to us, he was very shy and confused, prefering to hide in the litter bin most of the time. From being the only cat in the house, he suddenly had to share his living space with so many others and worse, the nice lady he had lived with for so long did not seemed to be around any longer. Fortunately, it took just a few days for good-natured Oreo to realise that, hey, this place was not too bad afterall. My guess was that Oreo figured out that there was no point brooding over the past; He had to move on, to feel loved and to love someone once again.

From then on, Oreo really loved us to the best that he could. He would always follow someone around, looking for any opportunity to be petted. He would be there sitting near the sink when I did the dishes; He would be there at the bench when I sat down to rest. All I had to do was look up and he would be there watching, front paws kneading, mer-ow-ing softly and waiting to give me loving head-butts. Oreo was a boy who loved only people. He had no cat friends and thrived solely on human attention. He loved to sit on laps but hated to be carried. We touched noses all the time.

One morning in February this year, when I got a call from H telling me that Oreo had passed away, I was totally shattered. I had last seen him two weeks earlier and indeed, he was having a bit of a sniffle. But that was all, wasn't it? I had refused to believe it, how can my big healthy boy die from a mild flu? Although it had been a nasty thought, I wanted to believe that the casualty was someone else, another cat, anyone but Oreo. They must have made a mistake.

When I was there at the cat house a week later, I had to believe the news was true. There was no more Oreo sitting on the shelves watching. There was no more Oreo shadowing as I moved around to check on the other cats. There was no more Oreo doing his signature mer-ow as I looked his way. I sat and cried for a long time that day.

Bye bye for now, my lovely head-butting friend.

In Loving Memory of Oreo (2002 - Feb 2006)


  • Sorry to hear about your loss... But he's probably together with Zizy right now, head-butting their heavenly servitors.

    'cept Zizy always preferred leg-humping to head-butting. (=.=)

    By Blogger Guttercat, at 2:37 PM, April 13, 2006  

  • With their powers combined, Oreo & Zizy shall rule the heavens.

    guttercat, thanks for the pick-me-up. :)

    By Blogger Mini-Meow, at 3:49 PM, April 13, 2006  

  • Knowing him, Zizy would probably be busy humping rather than ruling the heavens...

    But, hey hey, you were there in my time of need as well, so don't mention it yeah? =^.^=

    Wish that there was more I can do though...

    By Blogger Guttercat, at 4:00 AM, April 14, 2006  

  • Haha!

    Remember we said that whenever we call each other, something bad must have happened to our cats in one way or another? :P

    It is wonderful knowing there are friends around who understands and shares the pain of losing a loved one.

    You have cheered me up, so there! ;)

    By Blogger Mini-Meow, at 4:26 PM, April 14, 2006  

  • This is the unpredictibility of life. Death is certain. Only the time is uncertain. It is indeed heartbreaking with the loss of any being that a bond has built up over a period of time. Even a cat that I saw for a brief moment a few mornings in the week before I went for my breakfast at the coffeeshop and then all of a sudden, he disappeared since yesterday. There is a heartache and I drove there again after work, hoping that I would see the ginger-boy again at the bus-stop. I can only hope that he is safe somewhere and that if he is gone, that his physical sufferings are no more. I think we have to deal with the grief, accept it and let go. And to savour each moment that we spend with the cats that have crossed our paths.

    By Blogger vegancat, at 12:36 PM, April 17, 2006  

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