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Monday, June 19, 2006

What We Are Up To Everyday

Jus experimenting with stuff.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gazing as a Past Time

The kids are bored stiff, I know it. They yearn for the great outdoors, well, not like they would dare venture forth but they yearn for it nonetheless. Any bird-chirping, dog-barking, ambulance-wailing outside will send a blur of fanatic furballs rushing up to the windows to catch a glimpse of the commotion. It is always amusing to watch them rushing up to the windows like that, but unfortunately, this led me to ponder yet another point on the quality of my cats' life.

For their safety, I have meshed up the window grilles such that unobstructed view is realisable only when they put their noses right up against it. This morning Shi was gazing in front of the window as usual when some chirping caught her attention. Tail-twitching, she reached for the winged sight and touched... the mesh. Shi sighed, sat down, tucked her paws beneath her and resumed watching the traffic.

Moments later, an insect of some kind flew into the room and immediately Mikan led the pack on a hunt. It is fascinating how the cats can quickly organise themselves at various vantage points around the object of interest, sans the need for words. There they had a couple minutes of intent watching and tail-swishing, before Mikan chirupped, pounced and promptly got rid of the intruder. Then, as swiftly as the campaign was convened, it was adjourned till the next luckier insect, with each cat creeping back underneath the bed for a snooze or to the water bowl for a drink.

That day while going out for lunch, the kids' Dad and I saw a stray stalking birds beneath a tree. Though the intent was most likely sinister, the cat looked like she was having fun. I commented that I was sure QQ would love to be there, watching and catching birds, bees and butterflies alongside this beautiful feline stranger, and I felt strangely melancholic once again.