Who Wants Brush Brush?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Our Playhouse Collapsed Today

Aww... It stood only for 3 weeks!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Need to Get: New Kitty Litter Box

The 6 kitties at home have been sharing 1 kitty litterbox for as long as they can remember and its high time they get one more. Mikan is having bladder infection again and I wonder if it is because he holds his pee till I get home to clean the litterbox at the end of the day. Not to forget the few nights when I crashed into bed almost immediately following a long day at work, failing to clean out the litter till the next morning.

I have just placed an order for a new
litter box, following the recommendation of a good friend who gave it 2 thumbs up. Problem One, however, is that it comes without a lid and Shishi & QQ are such shovellers in the litterbox - just imagine litter flying out of the box and across half the room. Problem Two is that there is really not much space left in the room to accomodate yet another fixture.

Problems, problems.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Of Kitty & Tiffy

Good news has it that Kitty, a 1 month old male tabby I found by chance, has gotten himself a home. Unimaginative name aside (The vet wanted a name, so there), he is the sweetest, most lovable and trusting little guy ever. 2 weeks ago, while going out to give a little food to the strays downstairs, I met Kitty sitting forlornly on the stairs with his little paws tucked in beneath himself, looking as if he was waiting for that someone who had left him there to return. I picked him up, went to the few neighbours I know who owned cats to see if they knew him but all had denied responsibility.

Then the predicament came. Do I (i) Leave him him where I found him and hope that he will find his way home (ii) Ring up SPCA, who knows, someone may pick Kitty up within the critical 24 hours (iii) Bring him home and expect a shelling from parents and QQ. (iv) Call up my CatRescue contacts and plea with them to offer Kitty a place to stay for the time being.

Noticing that Kitty's whiskers had been snipped neatly down to 1 cm (abusers lurking round the corner maybe) and imagining QQ spitting and hissing away (WHAT DO YOU MEAN 1 MORE CAT?!), I decided to give option 4 a shot.

Long story short, a friend kindly offered to foster Kitty and the sweet thing got himself adopted in a few short days. Kitty now stays with another 2 month old kitten. :D

Kitty is only one of the very few who manages to find a home so quickly and I pray that he will be the best behaved kitten who will grow up to be the best behaved cat in the world. I pray that his new family will be patient and tolerant towards his bad habits and misbehaviours. I pray that they will laugh over his mistakes and learn to love him for who he is, be it for better or worse. I pray that his family will never, ever give him up. I pray that he will be loved and cherished forever.


Click here to read about Tiffy, a poor kitten who left us prematurely. Rest in peace, Tiffy.

While the kids are waiting for their bath to realise, the fur on Becksie's back is getting increasingly oily. Becksie must have not been able to groom that part of herself, tummy's in the way I suppose. It's a wonder how Becksie can eat herself to that size, I mean, cats are supposed to eat only the amount needed to satisfy their daily energy requirements, right? Well, wrong in Becksie's case.

Anyhow, Becksie is probably waiting for me to get home this very minute so that I can brush her. Their dad commented that he rarely sees them groom themselves, perhaps they know that I will do it for them. Funny thing is though, Becksie has taken it upon herself to be in charged of cleaning everybody's ears and somehow, only the area over their eyes. In fact, Becks has totally chewed off the whiskers that grow over Mikan's eyes! Last I checked, QQ and Princess are similarly devoid of whiskers in that area too. =.=


Inspired by what San has done for her 3 amigos, I shall endeavour to get meshes with bigger holes for my kids too. They've been deprived of fresh air way too long!