Who Wants Brush Brush?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And Let There Be Light

Reno Progress & Kindly Neighbours

The last major installation ala the kitchen cabinets are finally up but we still have 15% or thereabouts of the house that are yet to be done/repaired/fixed/painted/polished. The renovation is taking longer than expected to be completed - 2 months+ now - but the excitement of seeing the pieces falling in place is (almost) worth the wait.

It seems so far that our new neighbours are friendly and we are doing our fair share of smiling, saying hellos and making small talks. On one afternoon, we dutifully listened and nodded empathetically to the abridged version of 8th-floor-uncle's life story. But he was also one of those who helped to turn off our water mains when they heard our water ran continuously for 3 days straight from the kitchen bathroom before our reno started. We have no idea how that could have happened even now but we were lucky to have our kindly neighbours who acted on it.

I guess I'm hoping that if the neighbours like us, they won't, or at least will hesitate to complain anything about this household that is going to house 6 pampered cats, a dog who spins in crazy circles and the 2 humans who love them.


But at the end of the day, I'm disinclined to reveal the true number of occupants in our home to our new neighbours. It is impossible that I can conceal our pooch's presence but I don't see a big problem there. Patch is the legendary Eh Gao - she mumbled bassy "Woofs" to a grand total of two times this year, has negative interest in chasing people and does not mark. But there are not many who don't mind cats (I've learnt to lower my expectations) afterall.