Who Wants Brush Brush?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Somecat Is Unhappy

I'm just so, so relieved that Mikan is well again. The test results were inconclusive like the one we did when Mikan first had an infection a few years back so we are still not sure why. Anyhow, the doctor put Mikan on a prescribed diet as a precautionary measure. Mikan seemed to enjoy it and well, so did the rest of the naughties (oh, their interest lasted at least till we saw the bottom of the first packet).

Just when I thought that I could take a breather, alas, luck was not on my side. Someone started to pee on my pillow. The first time it happened, it was just drips and I put it down to accident, but I could no longer deny the fact that someone was trying to tell me something by the second and third time the same thing happened. When I finally came home to a huge patch of stinking wetness one day, out went the pillow and nearly too, the cats. Most unpleasantly, one of the new pillows I bought after that fell victim to unscrupulous marking yet again just after two days.

Books and articles say that the cats who mark are stressed by a:
  • new environment - Nope
  • new member in the house - Nope
  • new cat - Heck, I wouldn't dare
  • change in kitty litter - Nope
  • relocation of litter bin - Nooope
  • medical condition - Doubt it
  • litter bin hygiene - Hmmm..
So someone is unhappy with the standards of my cleaning. Fine, I smell your message, your kitty highness.

Three also suggested that they might be unhappy with me. True - I have been spending comparatively less time at home the past few weeks. So I reconciliated with the unhappy cats by coming home earlier these few days, brushing them more religiously and serving up hors d'oeuvre before each meal. So far, so good.


It's uncanny how fivecatsmom and I seem to experience the same problems (UTI, marking) these few months or thereabout. Unfortunate events yes, but I'm just glad to have someone to share my problems with.

Thanks there, fivecatsmom. :)