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Friday, June 29, 2007

Fivecats House

Visited fivecats at their warm, cozy abode last friday. (Talking about warm, the nights are driving me nuts in my non-airconditioned room lately. Perspiration + cat fur = definitely not a good mix.) Anyhow, what a wonderful evening it was! Seeing the cats again after so long and meeting fivecatskid for the first time. Boy and Tuxie were friendly, hanging out with us in the dining room as fivecats mom and I chatted for a long time about everything. Boy looks well for a 15 year old and handsome Tuxie - he is Maggie with a whole lot more confidence. Buffy cared enough to check me out, but soon disappeared out to the courtyard to rest. She is so small compared to the rest, and looked so pretty. Fivecats mom have brought them up to be such dignified cats.

The two younger ones are still shy, Maggie is still too. I caught a glimpse of Sam later in the night, taking a drink from each of his two bowls in turn and all stretched out
later on his mat. Kaku greeted me with a hiss when I peered at her from a gap between the bed and the wall, but that still worked for me.

The evening ended with a tap-dance performance by the very talented fivecatskid.

With good company, great hospitality, dance performance AND pressies to bring home -
I'm looking forward to the next meet already!
Fivecats mom is such a gem. She adopted my first cats, Buffy and Tux, and fostered Sam, Ka, Mag, Mystique and Wolfie while I tried to find them homes. Though only Mystique and Wolfie eventually found homes, she kept Sam and Ka and continued to love and care for them in every way.

It's a pity that cats do not do visiting. Else it would be great to see the sibling and half siblings meet again!