Who Wants Brush Brush?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

*Sniff sniff*

The kids finally got a few hours of freedom to run like crazy around the whole house yesterday afternoon but none was interested. The kids' dad and I were perturbed: What could be spooking them?

Now, QQ was busy hiding under the sheets; Shiro scampered up the cabinet in the living room to watch; Mikan and Princey walked around a little and then decided they wanted to just sit under bed in the other room; Becksie was a little undecided, first bringing her fat tum to the kitchen and waddling back into the room again; Silly Maggie did not even venture 2 steps away from the bedroom door.

We decided then that their dad must have smelt strongly of Patch, having spent the morning washing her. It was no wonder then that the kids did not approve of the offensive stench hanging in the air..


Ahem, no offence Patch and Dad, the cats turn their snobbish noses up at oranges and bananas too but I really do think those smells are quite wonderful.

Heh. =^.^=''

Okay! Pictures!

Becksie does not apologise for having a Sumo wrestler's kind of girth.

The kids decided its time to practise a little of their synchronised gazing routine.

To the left, Oei Princey, LEFT!

Ahh.. Now we're talking.