Who Wants Brush Brush?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Life with the Cats, Their Dad and Patch

Halfway through dinner today, a neighbour's kid came over asking for help in her homework. With thoughts of "I should be charging you for this" zipping in and out of my mind, I solved the problems for her and she left happy.

(Happy because she understood or happy because she got the solutions?)

As I was locking the gates, their dad delivered news that the fish he left for me was stolen by QQ, whom I bet was showing off her fishy breath to cats elsewhere in the house. Q has developed the habit of sitting across the table, on a chair (she still has manners, mind you), to peer at us during mealtimes. Something their dad is trying to stop but feline stubborness, an indulgent mommy plus the plain cuteness of it all means that she still sits with us thoughout dinner and occasionally, like tonight, gets away with a few bites of fried fish or boiled chicken breast from the soup.

Trying to finish up my rice with the vege dish left (not surprisingly) untouched, their dad hit me with yet another disturbing cat news: Shy, timid Maggie is exerting his dominance over my big boy Mikan. The night before, Mikan was filmed cowering and retreating from Maggie, where all Mag had to do was to stare and inch forward. There was no hearing of such nonsense, Maggie was deliberately allowed to eat last tonight.

Little did I expect one more bad news. Besides the two boys, their mom was also infamously caught on tape, snoozing in front of the TV and breathing rather audibly.

Tired mah. :P

I can hear Patch tossing and grunting somewhere in her sleep. Our sweet old girl is allowed to go everywhere in the house (bedrooms are off limits to all animals though) but we usually find her fast asleep in the kitchen. More on her next time.

Right now, I am on the couch sandwiched between two cats sleeping and purring like the thunder. (Helluva noisy family, I know.) I wish they know that hot, humid weather, human skin and shedding cats are a bad combination. But I'm a bit paiseh to wake them. At least tonight they did not insist on sleeping on the keyboard.

Think I'll tahan for another 5 minutes. Then it's off to their room for these pampered cats.