Who Wants Brush Brush?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Kitty Lamp Arrived

The lights arrived today! I checked the kitty lamp hurriedly, and heaved a sigh of relief to see it nestled safely amongst its styrofoam cushions. And pardon the messy distractions in the background and the lack of composition. =^.^=

La Lampe

The sunset is more beautiful today because you are by my side

Monday, August 06, 2007

Aaru-kun & Eru-chan

Came across this wonderful video entry on kuro.shiro.neko's blog. Such sweet love exists between Aaru the golden and Eru the kitten. With the cute little daisy clips on his head and a great motherly demeanour towards the rambunctious little one... Delightful!

More cute cat videos on the KSN blog. :)

The Kitty Room

The cats' dad and I have been kept busy by the renovation of our new place and the running around to coordinate and purchase all the stuff we need. The experience - with the reno workers and gasp, with each other - is leaving us exhausted physically and emotionally. But I'm also glad to say that now, a month into our renovation, we are closer than ever, learning to manage each other's expectations and demands, and amazingly, calming down to finish whatever shopping we needed to do despite still being angry with each other just a minute ago.

To top it off, we can now boast to be quite confident in nagivating through the streets of Little India and Jln Besar after our repeated visits there to hunt for that desired piece of porcelain or lighting. And oh, we won't be forgetting the yummy Char Kuay Teow and Hokkkien Mee at Hindoo Street anytime too soon. :)

Well, despite the latest disappointment in the botched plumbing works, the house is starting to look like what we had envisaged it to be - a laid-back haven where we can escape to at the end of everyday's humdrum. We are expecting to move in sometime in September and their dad has been reminding me to pick out the least territorial one amongst our brood. He reasoned that if the least territorial one is to move in first, then the place won't end up belonging to just one alpha cat with the others tip-toeing around him or her.

But to pick the least territorial? That's a toughie. Each has his or her possessive streak in one way or another. Shishi and Cutie over food, Mikan and Becks over me, Princey over brushing and play. And Maggie, well, he is ready to retaliate should anyone ever attempt to wound his pride. And I haven't even figured out who is marking on the bed everytime they find their loo too icky to use. Geez.

Good thing I still have sometime to think the moving sequence through.

Anyhow, the kitty room has received its first asset, courtesy of a fruitful visit to the Besar shops last Saturday. It is a really cute yet simplistic wall lamp moulded out of plaster, showing the back of 2 kitties sitting on a ledge and watching the sunset together. Or at least, so it seems when the light is switched on. It was such a delightful find and what made it more endearing was that their dad liked it just as equally. Nothing beats finding a piece of your home together - with no persuasion or tantrums necessary.

Pics and more posts soon.