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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vaccination Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning the older 5 kids are going for their annual vaccination.

I remembered how a hamster cage fitted all 5 of them perfectly during their kitten year. Then I bought them a second-hand carrier (I was a poor student then) when they were 1 and by that time, they had to go in two shifts for their jabs.

When they were two, the carrier was threatening to give way even under the weight of the lightest 3 so the jabs were done over 3 weekends. Luckily their uncle Davis was there to help carry the heavies, I couldn't imagine having to lug them all the way to the vet's on my own. Any two of them added up to a minimum of 10 kg!

Last year, their dad was available to take them. Mikan looked sheepish sitting in a plastic picnic basket I bought specially for the occasion, Princess and Shiro were comfortable in their portable cathouse and Cutie and Becksie went snugly in their familiar carrier.

This year, we are most likely to see some reshuffling in their seats. Becksie, who has put on much weight over the past year, will most probably travel first class, and alone, in the picnic basket. Mikan will go with Cutie and Princess with Shiro. The plan is always to pair a heavy with a light so that mommy and daddy's arms won't break.

After their jabs we would expect to see some kids feeling a little under the weather for a day or two. Nothing a jar of Gerber's chicken baby food couldn't cheer up though.

I've come to be concerned with the risks of
Vaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma, must remind self to ask doctor about that tomorrow. Anyhow, the recommended vaccine site (excluding rabies and FeLV) is on the right shoulder and never between the shoulder blades.

The vet once told me that it would not be neccesary for the naughties to go in for vaccinations after they are 10 years old but a very experienced cat friend told me that they would not need to have any more annual vaccinations after they are 5. And some say that there is no need to take yearly jabs, once in every three years is sufficient.


There's just to much disparate information around on the internet and among friends to sieve through, decipher and decide upon. And I am guilty of not researching and thinking about the issues until the next day is vaccination day. But well, mostly I just listen to the vet, choosing to believe in their professional knowledge and judgement. I mean, they should know best, shouldn't they?